Ben Northrop

August 24th 2020
We often frame our options as "rewrite or refactor", but these terms are really just stand-ins for a whole spectrum of choices
July 14th 2020
There's a deceptive allure to a rewrite, but they are subtly very difficult to pull off. Looking at the major risks.
May 27th 2020
Most work on legacy systems at least some of the time, and most legacy systems succumb to the entropy of technical debt. When is the right time to rewrite or refactor?
May 19th 2020
Examining the forces that nudge us toward a full-scale rewrite, even when it might not be the best choice.
January 6th 2020
The expectation for the architect should be to setup the framework or process by which good "moves" are made.
October 14th 2019
The toughest problems to solve at big companies are often not the technical ones, but the social, political, and organizational ones.
July 18th 2019
What's the best way to version a REST API when using OpenAPI and API-first?
May 29th 2019
Technical debt is a useful concept, but the definition has expanded to the extent that it's not always clear what it can and should refer to.
September 6th 2018
When scoping out a project, it's helpful to first map out the terrain before trying to find the best route
March 22nd 2018
Overly optimistic expectation for the benefits and ease of reuse is one of the most pervasive and pernicious traps in software development

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I believe that software development is fundamentally about making decisions, and so this is what I write about (mostly). In 2018 I started Highline Solutions, a consulting practice that helps companies with architecture, devops, and full-stack development. I have two degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, one in Information and Decision Systems and one in Philosophy (thesis). I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife and 3 energetic boys.